• “I have used Remi’s services for image consulting, personal shopping, fashion styling & alterations guidance. He truly knows what he talking about, is really efficient & dynamic.”
    Christophe M
  • “Remi is an amazing stylist! He considers lifestyle, interests and fashion goals and is able to easily make fashion suggestions that are flattering, functional and fabulous! Remi is very professional and is a pleasure to work with. I am completely pleased with the purchases I made at his suggestion–and so is my husband. I highly recommend him.”   Mildred L
  • “I was at a friend’s party and this guy stood beside me and said, “Girl, that outfit is doing nothing for you or your body. You need a total make over.” I looked over at the guy, about to protest until I saw that he was dressed picture perfect to the T. I’m talking vest, bowtie, buttoned jacket, slick shoes. Classy. Elegant. Chic. This is Remi. He was right, though. I have a job and clothes but no sense of style. So I made an appointment with Remi and it seriously was the best decision I’ve made in a long time. He didn’t force a style on me, but considered what I like and who I am and customized a way for me to look much, much better and still retain my personality. Better clothes, better hairstyle, better make up. He has a knack for knowing exactly what will look good on you and how you should wear it. And he’s humble, too. Very nice, great service and above all: efficient!” I have to say, I was a little dubious about the effects of all because everyone looks good in LA. But, honestly, I get SO many compliments not just on how I look but my whole outward demeanor. Face it, you feel good when you look good and that’s what Remi does for you. He makes you feel and look your best.”   – Kristen G
  • “Thank You Remi for my recent complete makeover. I have had many compliments on what a difference your transformation has made in my appearance. I love my new hairstyle and it is so easy to keep up. I’ve been able to go through my closet and get rid of all the clothes that don’t suit my shape. Everyone thinks that I have lost weight LOL will keep that our little secret. Thank again for your help REMI. I feel so much better about myself and I’m off to a good start on getting rid of all the baggage excess weight & regaining my health.”   Kate L 
  • “Initially when I started working with Remi, I was quite skeptical. Although I didn’t feel like a slob, I thought that my appearance wasn’t bad & I had my act together. For quite some time this was my attitude towards clothing & fashion, especially other people’s perception of me “That’s your problem.” Being an innovative & iconoclastic individual is not without its drawbacks. To me working out five times a week & having a clean set of clothes was good enough. Unfortunately to my chagrin I found out that society doesn’t operate that way. After Remi helped me with my clothing, I was amazed at the compliments that I was receiving. People who I would rarely talk to would tell me how good I looked, in some cases this occurred several days after the event in question. If you want to look your best, it takes years of skill & attentiveness, which is something most busy professionals do not have time for. I think most of us value our time & would rather spend our precious time being the best at what we do professionally or learning something unique & remarkable. Never mind time with family & friends. Remi has the expertise & experience to make you look better & create a strong visual impact both personally & professionally. The rest is up to you.”  –  Alex C
  • “I have been using Remi’s services for over 10 years now. He consistently delivers top notch results and can work within whatever budget and time constraints you may have. He thinks outside the box picking patterns and styles that I would have never picked on my own then showing me how to coordinate them with shoes, belts and other accessories. If you don’t have time to shop he will do it for you then bring the clothes to you. Whatever your wardrobe or image needs are I would highly recommend Remi to be your image consultant and fashion stylist” – Gene K
  • “After doing much research for an Image & Fashion Consulant in the LA area, I found REMI to be the best person to work with for my makeover. I called for a complimentary phone consultation and our phone conversation lasted almost an hour. Remi took time to find out my goals and fashion needs. I explained to him that I was making a career change and needed to update my fashion style. He customized a package for me to include a consultation at my home, closet organization & 2 hours of shopping. I was afraid that I couldn’t afford his consulting fees but he made it affordable to accommodate my budget. This was the best personal investment and I am getting many compliments from my workers & friends on my new fashion style. I do not like to go shopping but he made it fun and a great learning experience. I am very happy with the results and will continue to work with Remi in building my wardrobe. I highly recommend his services to anyone who is looking for a image/fashion makeover.”   – John H